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Pure Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 2oz

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Type Freeze Dried Treats
Country of Origin United States

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Whole Life Pure Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 2oz

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  • Whole Life Pure Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Treats

    Based in Massachusetts Whole Life Pet’s mission is to make the healthiest, safest, best tasting single ingredient pure protein pet treats.  They hand pick top USA farmers, ranchers and fisherman all from the human food industry to ensure the highest quality, freshest and delicious treats.

    Whole Life Pure Salmon is completely natural - coloring agents are never used.  Salmon treats have a very natural look that varies throughout the season based on which species of salmon is being used. The later in the fishing season, the more pale salmon flesh becomes. Early season, salmon flesh is brighter. You will see this change reflected in the treats throughout the year. Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon are caught by fisherman Whole Life works with directly. The salmon is shipped directly to Boston where it is skinned, de-boned and cubed then sent to Whole Life’s freeze-drying facility in Massachusetts.

    • Salmon filet cubes make the ideal daily snack for both dogs and cats. They are full of healthful Omega 3 oils which have many proven health benefits for pets.
    • Whole Life Pure Salmon treats have a firm texture with strong salmon flavor and aroma. If your pet likes fish, this is a sure winner.
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    Product Category Dog Treats
    Product Type Freeze Dried Treats
    Select Size / Price 2 oz
    Special Formulas/Features No
  • 100% Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon

    Made in Whole Life Pet’s state of the art freeze-drying manufacturing facility in Massachusetts.

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