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Moo Sticks Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 1 stick

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Product Number VE93200546
Type Freeze Dried Treats
Country of Origin United States

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Vital Essentials Moo Sticks Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 1 stick

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  • Dogs absolutely love Moo Sticks by Vital Essentials. They are healthy, great tasting, crunch-like chew treats and are a better alternative to rawhide. Moo sticks are not only healthy and nutritious, but they are also fun to eat and are great for your dog's joints.

    Moo sticks are made of beef weasand which is the esophagus. These healthy chews are low in fat and high in glucosamine which aids in joint health.

    Dimentions vary: 6 - 9 inch (L) and .5 - 1.25 inch (W)



    • Low in fat which help keeps your dog from adding extra unwanted pounds and encountering health issues that come with obesity.
    • High in glucosamine which helps maintain maintain joint mobility so that your dog can continue to walk, run and play.
    • Promotes overall health and vitality as snacking provides stimulation and the treats are a healthy alternative to rawhide.
    • Great for chewing which helps keep your dog's teeth healthy & strong.


    • Grain Free, Gluten Free
    • High single-sourced animal protein
    • Nutrient packed RAW meat
    • No added hormones or antibiotics
    • No added fillers or flavorings
    • No artificial preservatives or colors
    • No synthetic vitamins or minerals
    • No rendered by-products
    • USA sourced, made, and packed
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    Product Category Dog Treats
    Product Type Freeze Dried Treats
    Select Size / Price 1 Stick
    Special Formulas/Features Gluten Free, Grain Free, Limited Ingredient
  • Beef weasand (esophagus)

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