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SeniorChewz Dog Treat

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Product Number AC00012
Type Chew Treats
Country of Origin Canada

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AntlerChewz SeniorChewz Dog Treat - Only 1 Left

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  • AntlerChewz SeniorChewz Dog Treat

    SeniorChewz is a softer antler chew for older dogs. It uses a part of antler that is the softest, so it is not as hard on your dog's teeth. They can chew without pain and irritation. SeniorChewz™ are gentle on the teeth and gums and can actually be soothing for the older dog.

    The 5.5-6 inch long antler chew is split so that your dog can access the soft marrow inside. Every bite releases the calcium, phosphorous and other natural minerals that your older dog needs to support his/her health.

    Often, older dogs tend to have more problems with tooth loss, gum disease and dental conditions that may make chewing hard objects painful or irritating to the dog. They then avoid chewing and thus, the worse the dental condition will get. Chewing helps to remove tartar and keep gums and teeth strong, actually providing and promoting better oral health.


    • Softer antler chew to promote dental health

    • Made from wholesome naturally shed free range deer antler

    • 5.5-6 inch inch long lasting healthy chew and will not splinter

    • Calcium supports nutritional health

    • Rich in essential organic minerals

    • No artificial chemicals, colors, preservatives or flavors

    • Low in calories

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    Product Category Dog Treats
    Product Type Chew Treats
    Select Size / Price 1 Each
    Special Formulas/Features No
  • Deer antler

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